Transformational Leadership

This is a short course for individuals who are facing challenges and barriers, and require a framework with mentoring to solve these challenges. This training course goes to the heart of the issues by providing leadership training unique to you and your situation as the most critical step to your immediate and future transformations. You will learn how to expand into a higher level of leadership and know how to dynamically leverage your new skills and capacities to navigate change and new situations. 


  • Understand the integral transformative leadership framework
  • Know your individual and organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a plan to achieve impacts during turbulent times
  • Recognize levels of leadership and how you will get to your next level
  • Leverage transformative leadership and its framework to navigate dynamic change

 By taking this transformational leadership course, you will:

  • Bring new perspectives to your situation or your organization to jump start effectiveness.
  • Get crystal clear on the most important areas you should focus on to have quicker impacts.
  • See patterns that people don’t have the tools to see, and know how to leverage these for major changes in your life or systems changes in your organization or community.
  • Be a more effective communicator and influencer.
  • Transform your own abilities to solve pressing problems of an ever increasingly turbulent world.

My goal by offering you this course is to help you gain innovative perspectives and abilities to be able to see the opportunities and leverage points and have the right tools to design your future. This includes communicating your new perspectives for your group, company, organization or audience to have the impacts and success you desire. I bring my decade and a half on studying hundreds of women in organizations to evaluate not only their impacts but how they create success and those critical impacts they desire. Because I am a person that is highly optimistic and driven to see people achieve altruistic change, I got involved in many projects along the way to really get a grip on what to do first hand and make those changes happen. Your development as a leader is the absolute most important step to transforming your life, your business, company or organization and creating real change. My goal is to realize real-world impact through every initiative.



You will learn what Innovative Transformational Leadership is and how to apply this integral framework to your unique situations.

This is an intensive session where we will conduct a situational analysis, discuss the specific challenges you are facing, and how to plan for greater effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, relevancy and delivery steps with a re-evaluation of your stated goals and impacts. This session provides greater clarity and opens up horizons for eventually creating real-world change.


You will take part in an assessment to understand your dominant actions in your roles and work. Using this assessment, you will learn greater personal awareness to better manage relationships and networks and go deeper into understanding your strengths and weaknesses, all necessary to manage change.


You will learn the levels of leadership development created by leading leadership experts. Building on session two, you will recognize choices you unconsciously and consciously choose. Together we will create your unique transformational leadership plan so that you evolve your greatness into the next level for greater impact and success.


We will identify five key domains that must be used within your leadership framework in order to consistently deliver impacts. These domains support enhanced physical health, emotional balance, mental sharpness and spiritual awareness. This intensive course ends with a holistic blueprint to support your evolution into to your greater capacities and being; hence, your real-world impact. 

In this course we may choose additionally to work with a full comprehensive Global Leadership Profile (GLP) Report conducted through Bill Tolbert & Associates. This is an assessment inquiring into the way you think, lead and work that tens of thousands of leaders and professionals over 30 years have used that pin points precisely where you are at developmentally. This assessment can help me create a precise plan for moving you to your next developmental and leadership level. 

Individual executive training is online via Skype and includes 4 hours of 1-on-1 training, 4 course recordings and email support throughout the period of training. 

As per availability and location, an in in-house two-day group training course can also be held at your location and adapted to your specific needs.

Thank you for an amazing 4 session course. Four sessions may sound little but the amount of information I got was substantial. I feel I benefitted a lot! I always had an Idea of what I wanted to become in this life but thanks to you I can say that now I have a crystal clear vision of where I see myself in the future.

The easy tips you recommended, such as writing down my vision and the reasons why I want to become an International speaker and having it in front of me, were really helpful. I am going after my dream and the decisions I am making are always made with clear alignment to my vision.
— Mahmoud Akl, Australia
It was a pleasure to have this special course. It really helped me to walk in the steps of self growth - I really enjoyed it! It widened my perspective in understanding of myself. I think what made the course interesting is the way it helped me think, discuss, and reflect upon critical things from different angles.
— N.A., Doha, Qatar
Dr. Wanda, this was my best ever course. I only wish the time together could have been more. Thank you very much from me and my family.
— A. A., Doha, Qatar

To explore how you will evolve your platform and have the impact you desire book a complementary session with Wanda.