Creating a Greater Version of You for Your Greater Impact

You're ambitious, but you’re also:

  • feeling overwhelmed, frozen, paralyzed
  • over-working & spinning your wheels
  • unsure about how to get unstuck
  • worried that life is passing you by
  • struggle with conflict in your team or relationships

You want:

  • well-being
  • work-life (social, love, kids) balance
  • to perform at higher levels
  • become more effective & efficient
  • to be living your purpose
  • and have massive impact


I help you reach your goals in life around impact and work-life balance.

People who I help want well-being, work-life balance, strong relationships, and to have impact in this world doing something purposeful. Ultimately, these women and men want to have real-world impact while having work-life balance and healthy relationships. I help you step into the person you need to be in order to match these goals. It's about right strategy and self-leadership. I help you think and act as that version of you who achieves what you want.

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A huge shout out to the beautiful Wanda Krause who, during our time together, shone a light onto the me that not only has big dreams, but wants to make a big impact in the world. It’s the first time I’ve felt really understood in that and it’s so powerful!

As well as her amazing ability to call out my fear and limits for what they are. There’s no way for my mind to justify playing small anymore, and I feel confident in a plan to move forward with it, in a way I had never even considered before!

Her knowledge of years of research and experience shines through, grounded in a very real, authentic and loving way. I am truly and deeply thankful Wanda, for the shift you created today and for daring me to be real with the ‘greatness’ of my desires.

If any of you are feeling pulled by a force greater than yourself, you have a deep desire to create an impact in the world, and maybe you don’t know how to get there or haven’t even dared admit that before, get in touch with Wanda, I promise you won’t regret it.
— Debbie Thorpe, U.K.
Working with Wanda, I felt so valued, and listened too, and that she was totally committed to understanding me, my circumstances, and my goals and passions and to helping me to begin to fathom out what it is I truly want to achieve and how to do that.

She made me feel comfortable as someone who cares immensely, and whom is very trustworthy. I felt very able to explore my real passions and goals, and to voice my inner thoughts, emotions, and struggles, unjudged. I felt safe to do as she had a way of connecting the dots and I came off our call feeling very positive and excited about the future and all its possibilities, also very understood, and both of these emotions have stayed with me. Much more than a straight reflective mirror, she was one with wisdom, insight, and direction.
— June Guthrie, Edinburgh U.K.
Wanda is the real deal. Within the first 30 minutes of speaking, she was able to help me move past my mental roadblock and truly tap into what was holding me back from pursuing my heart’s mission. I was impressed by how quickly she was able to navigate the emotional terrain that I placed before her, by leading with equal parts skill and compassion. She helped me gain clarity around my mission and we outlined the clear steps that I should take going forward in order to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Wanda to anyone who feels stuck in business or in life - she provides a transformative experience!
— Valery Kalen, U.S.A.
Before having a session with Wanda I was feeling sorry for myself and being negative about my working life. Now I can see potential where before everything was bleak. I can see how capable i am of doing things and that i deserve good and big things. Thank you Wanda, I am not totally there yet but the change and transformation after working with you is amazing!
— Lucy De la Cruz, London, UK
Wanda, I am very grateful for your coaching. You made me realize how important it is not to postpone my dream to two years. I implemented the strategies, especially the mindset ones. It works! All the pieces are in place and I start my business next month. Thank you very much!”
— Maria, Mexico